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Will your license fly?

Will your license fly?
Will your license fly?

There are about 340 business days between now and October 1, 2020. On that date, TSA airport security checkpoints will require travelers to show federally-approved identification. Flyers who don’t have the proper ID will be delayed and possibly have their travel plans ruined.

Don’t be grounded, get your Travel ID!

The Travel ID is an Arizona driver license or ID card that meets the federal requirements, and you need to get one at an MVD office or selected Authorized Third Party provider. You can make an MVD appointment at www.servicearizona.com.

Before coming in, please visit the Travel ID website at www.azdot.gov/travelid . You can begin the application process and ensure that you have all the documents you need to get the Travel ID.

Commercial Driver License Military Skills Waiver

Veterans of the U.S. military who operated large vehicles as part of their service may qualify for an Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division military skills test waiver when applying for a commercial driver license.

The waiver applies to active-duty military as well as veterans, who operated a military vehicle equivalent to a commercial vehicle within the last year.  The waiver requires the applicant to describe what kind of vehicle he or she operated, such as fifth wheel, truck tractor/semi-trailer, truck trailer combination, or single vehicles that meet certain commercial weight specifications. It also requires the applicant to obtain a commanding officer’s certification that the applicant has commercial driving experience in the military.

Potential applicants can find the waiver form (Form 96-0680) at www.azdot.gov/MVD. 

In other Commercial Driver License News…

MVD has added CDL services to our offices in Apache Jct., Casa Grande, Glendale and Globe. Road and skills tests are not available at these locations, but the written knowledge test and other CDL services are now provided at these offices.  


More online services – avoid an office visit!

Did you know more than two-thirds of MVD services are available online? We’ve added another!

Motorists who’ve had their Driver License suspended may now order a temporary six-month I.D. card online at ServiceArizona.com.  Until now, this service required an in-person visit to an Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division office.

To get a temporary I.D. card, a customer must first have a suspended Arizona Driver License. The expiration date on the suspended license must be beyond the six months the temporary I.D. is valid. Also, the customer must already have a Arizona license photo that has been taken within the past 12 years on file with MVD in order for the temporary I.D. to be produced.