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Think twice about using USB charging stations

Nowadays it seems anything can be easily hacked, from your computer, phone and even your car.

Hackers always find new ways to get to at your personal data especially through your phone.

Well, there now there is a danger that charging stations at places like airports could be compromised by hackers.

A lot of charging stations have the three prong outlets but others have USB ports so you can easily plug the phone in for a quick charge.

Some experts say that hackers can use that USB port kind of like a credit card skimmer at a gas station. You plug in and the info gets transferred to the hacker.

James Arrowood of Arrowood Attorneys PLLC is an attorney in the tech world and says this kind of hacking has been around for a few years but it's getting harder to detect.

"It's pretty easy for anything you would charge your phone on. It's called a charging vulnerability, which means a hacker can access information on your phone," Arrowood said.

So, there are a few ways to stay safe.

First, charge your phone at home and try to avoid using a charging station altogether.

Also, carry around a portable USB charger or buy a charging cord that doesn't transfer data. Also, if you have to use a charging station, keep your phone locked while plugged in.

We reached out to Sky Harbor International Airport to see if they've seen this type of hacking at the airport's many charging stations. So far, they haven't seen anything.

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