Calling all San Tan Valley Residents - We Need Your Help

The FIRST EVER Skills Assessment for San Tan Valley, Arizona is here and we need your help! 

Pinal County is conducting a survey of residents of Northern Pinal County to better understand their occupational skills and aspirations. This information will help county and city leaders attract more employers to locate to the county. This information will also be used by school district and community college leaders to help understand areas that they should prioritize in the future.


Rules change means more drug offenders eligible for clemency

More federal prisoners serving sentences for non-violent crimes can apply for clemency after the Justice Department announced new rules Wednesday.

Deputy Attorney General James Cole announced that the department would broaden the criteria for clemency, a move that is expected to lead to thousands of prisoners -- most serving drug sentences -- filing applications to President Barack Obama seeking to commute their sentences. The changes are part of a broader effort by the Obama administration to modify sentencing laws, allowing for use of rehabilitation and other alternatives to deal with non-violent drug offenders and those who previously faced tough mandatory minimum sentences.


Banner Ironwood receives Pediatric Emergency Certification

Banner Ironwood Medical Center recently joined its sister facilities to become Pediatric Prepared Emergency Care (PPEC) certified by the Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AzAAP).

The certification means the facility meets specific criteria and is prepared to provide emergency care resources and capabilities for pediatric patients. If necessary, the hospital can stabilize a child for transfer to a facility that offers more specialized pediatric care.


Wear Jeans to Support Victims of Sexual Violence on Denim Day Wed April 23

Wednesday, April 23rd is Denim Day, an international day to support victims of sexual violence and raise awareness to end sexual assault. Community Alliance Against Family Abuse (CAAFA), The City of Apache Junction, Apache Junction Police Department and the Pinal County Attorney’s Office will all be supporting Denim Day by encouraging their employees to wear jeans.

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